At QUBIC Labs, we love all our Members, but there are different kinds. There are some that live with us at our space, and some are part of the greater ecosystem we’re seeking to grow.

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Shared office space ready for you

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Global network of capital providers


Advice from world-class entrepreneurs and advisors

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Connections for strategic growth

You are a fintech, govtech or civtech startup, early or growth stage business. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur yourself that works in these spaces. You’ve had experiences that have led you to the point you exist today and can impart some of that knowledge to our Tenant Members. We want you to lead and take part in our events and become part of the QUBIC Family. If you’re from out of town, we want you to have a place you can come talk with others who are solving similar or different problems in their businesses. We’ll even give you a desk if you need one.

Our entrepreneurs and startups are the lifeblood of QUBIC Labs. You’re the reason we exist. We live and breathe your ideas and dreams. Our goal is to provide you with whatever resources you need to be successful, and we’re confident in our ability to do so. Are you ready to take your idea, concept or business plan to the next level? Apply to become a part of QUBIC Labs today.

By the way, don’t worry about what you have to pay. QUBIC Labs offers an incredibly competitive rate for our entrepreneurs.


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