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Headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, QUBIC Labs is dedicated to identifying and supporting entrepreneurs providing practical business solutions. We are committed to building an ecosystem of entrepreneurs that will make commerce and government more efficient, effective and innovative.

QUBIC Labs is a startup incubator and innovation hub focused on helping entrepreneurs and innovators to develop world-class companies to serve businesses, governments and people.

The Blockchain Showdown:
In May 2021, we hosted our first-ever startup competition for crypto and blockchain founders, with $20,000 in cash as the prize! Click below to learn more about the competition and see the winners.
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W hite Paper:  Blockchain Landscape Analysis

In September 2021, QUBIC Labs and IdenX released a white paper on blockchain talent in the United States.
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The Real Risk of Digital Asset Investment for Pensions

In October 2021, QUBIC Labs released a white paper discussing digital asset investments for pensions.
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Non Profits Non-Adoption of Bitcoin is Alienating a Growing Donor Class

In February 2022, QUBIC Labs released a white paper about how nonprofits are alienating a growing class of donors by ignoring Bitcoin.
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