QUBIC Labs thrives because of its Entrepreneurs & Startups, Affiliated Members, generous Sponsors and Donors that support the mission, promotion and development of our innovation ecosystem.

Partnership Benefits

QUBIC Labs is interested in partnerships where we create win-win situations for everyone. We hold our partners in the highest regard and work diligently to cultivate and grow long lasting, successful and fruitful relationships.

QUBIC Labs is developing a world-class team of entrepreneurs and advisors. To support this effort, we are also looking for reputable, world-class partners who are leaders in their field.

Investment, acquisition & licensing

QUBIC provides an opportunity to invest, acquire or license from the world’s best early-stage startups

High-growth potential customers

QUBIC provides an opportunity to access high-growth startups, alumni and influential partners as customers

Access to talent

QUBIC provides an opportunity to build relationships with the world’s most driven and creative talent

Branding, public relations & community development

Enjoy prominent branding in QUBIC Labs and exposure on all digital assets, with an opportunity to strengthen the entrepreneurship community

Community membership

Become a part of our exclusive network of burgeoning and established entrepreneurs, advisors and partners



To learn more about what a partnership with QUBIC Labs could look like for you and your company,
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